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Office in a Box: Perfect for small spaces

By House and Home in Buyers Guide on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 12:26

Office in a Box

Work from home? Find yourself eating off an increasingly small part of the kitchen table as the days pass? The idea of a home office is a lovely one but pretty impractical for lots of us who find we've got to apportion a part of a living or dining room to our employment endeavours due to space constraints. 

So when we clocked the Office in a Box concept from Des Higginbotham Interiors on Pickit we were fairly charmed. Sure, the concept ain't that new but the price-point's pretty fresh - at €460 this is an affordable solution. 

office in a box - illuminated

Open it up and it's got shelves for your stuff and a laptop station. Best of all? This baby can be colour-customised to match your decor. Sweet!

office in a box - closed

When work is done for the day, close it up and put it away. No more looking at messy files and papers. Well, until you want to. So - here's what we want to know: do any House and Home readers have one of these fellers? How do you use and find yours - we'd love to know. Hook us up with a comment below.