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What's Your Paint Personality? Take Our Fun Quiz and Find Out!

By House and Home in News on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 10:52

Do you have the paint tendencies of a party girl? Is classic chic your thing? Or will you follow this season’s trend for extreme positivity? In the new issue of House and Home you can take a tour of our tailormade guide to colour in the home, and we've got something fun to do on the site too. Take our Paint Personality test and discern your traits: are you a romantic, a vamp, a fun lover or a peacemaker? And most importantly, how does that affect your interior? 

Take the quiz to find out - and don't forget, there's absolutely tons more paintspiration for your personality type on page 111 of the March/April issue, in shops now.

1. Your favourite words to hear in bed?

  • a. Bite me
  • b. I love you 
  • c. Lets play with…
  • d. I’ll do anything for you

2. When going for dinner on a first date, what would you order for dessert?

  • a. Naughty chocolates bites with a velvety raspberry sauce
  • b. Vanilla cupcake topped with pink icing and marshmallows 
  • c. Trio of passion fruit, mango and coconut icecream
  • d. Oatmeal nut pie with cookie dough ice cream

3. How would you decorate a room for a special night?

  • a. With dark velvet fabrics, textured cushions and something in red leather
  • b. Silky white bed linen, vanella scented candles and rose petals
  • c. Mirrors everywhere, bright colour block cushions and lemon-scented candles
  • d. White crisp linen, soft taupe cushions and neutral candles

4. What colour lipstick would you normally use?

  • a. Pure purple
  • b. Soft pink
  • c. Brilliant red
  • d. Neutral shades

5. How would you dress on a first date?

  • a. Black corset top, lace skirt, fishnets and killer heels
  • b. Soft pink butterfly dress and cream ballerina pumps
  • c. Polka dot turquoise dress with red tights and comfortable shoes
  • d. Crisp white top, beige linen trousers and brogues

6. If you are in a bar and you see a really cute guy... do you?

  • a. Go over and offer him a Bloody Mary
  • b. Wait with a glass of rose or a Cosmopolitan until he comes closer
  • c. Get close to him yourself and say hi with two Mojitos
  • d. Shake his hand and drink a Corona together

7. If a guy doesn’t call you after a first date, how would you react?

  • a. Post him a dead rat
  • b. Wait and hope that he’ll call me - or post me a letter - at some time in the future
  • c. Wouldn’t mind, I’d look forward to meeting other guys
  • d. Send a text: Hi there! Hope you’re well! xxx

8. How would you break up with a guy?

  • a. Text: “It’s over”
  • b. Send a scented paper letter deeply explaining your reasons
  • c.  Would you like to meet my new boyfriend? It’s no problem – he’s waiting for me in the car!
  • d. Select a private place, the best moment and tactfully have the chat 

9. On a first date, what would you like a guy to pick you up in?

  • a. An all-purring shiny motorbike
  • b. A Mercedes Benz S Class – just like Mr Big
  • c. A Jeep
  • d. A yacht

10. Best movie of these four?

  • a. Twilight
  • b. Pretty Woman
  • c. There’s Something About Mary
  • d. The Notebook

11. If you could be whisked away to one of the following destinations, right here, right now, which would be your ultimate escape?

  • a. Moscow – a dose of history with a side of mystery
  • b. Paris – a glass of wine and getting lost in the city of love
  • c. Ibiza – sun, sand, booze. Bring it
  • d. Aspen – ultimate pampering with breathtaking scenery

12. It’s Halloween – what do you dress up as?

  • a. Librarian – it’s the quiet ones you need to look out for
  • b. Rapunzel – the classic damsel in distress
  • c. Nurse – ready to administer any injection
  • d. Wonder Woman – the Lasso of Truth is your weapon of choice

13. Social networking – how much of your life do you share online?

  • a. I love a good rant to vent about the in-laws, peppered with strong language
  • b. I share my life, the good and the bad, with my closest friends only
  • c. I have over 500 friends – the more, the merrier
  • d. I never put anything online that will come back to haunt me

14. What is your ultimate culinary comfort?

  • a. Steak, chips and pepper sauce - tuck napkin directly into collar
  • b. A creamy bowl of tagliatelle alla carbonara
  • c. Sushi, sashimi – just hand me the chopsticks
  • d. Asparagus and mushroom risotto with a garden salad

15. A close friend of yours is going through a tough love situation. Do you…

  • a. Let her vent and encourage her if she wants to send some hate mail
  • b. Invite her over for a girls weekend, with DVDs, wine and comfort food
  • c. The best thing is to get her out and party her troubles away
  • d. Lend her as much support as possible. Pep talks are your specialty

16. On the high street, what shops are you most drawn to?

  • a. Ann Summers
  • b. Accessorize
  • c. H&M
  • d. River Island

17. If you could sneak away with one celebrity this weekend, who would sweep you off your feet?

  • a. Johnny Depp – sultry musician at heart, ready to woo you
  • b. Ryan Gosling – those ‘Hey Girl’ eyes and washboard abs
  • c. Colin Farrell – a feisty weekend you might not remember
  • d. George Clooney – like a Chanel suit, he never goes out of style

18. What is your favourite space in your house, where you find yourself spending the most time?

  • a. Bedroom – breakfast in bed, long weekends and extra curricular activites are what you gravitate to
  • b. Dining room – you prefer wining and dining and long meaningful conversations with friends or your main squeeze
  • c. Living room – kicking back and watching a good movie or playing a game is more your style
  • d. Garden – pottering around, reading a good book, or cooking up a barbecue for friends. You prefer the outdoors

19. Which Sex and the City girl best describes you?

  • a. Samantha Jones – confident, proud and try-sexual – you’ll try anything once
  • b. Charlotte York – hopelessly romantic seeking the good in everyone
  • c. Carrie Bradshaw – always up for trying new styles and trends
  • d. Miranda Hobbes – extremely cynical, but level-headed for the most part

20. The current state of your nails?

  • a. Black or another deep shade
  • b. You can’t go wrong with red
  • c. Nails to match whatever I’m wearing
  • d. Au naturel – less stress


If you answered mostly As, then you're definitely a Vamp. Find out more about your paint personality here

Ticked the most Bs? then we reckon you're a Romantic. Read more about your paint style.

If Cs were most frequently on your radar, then you're definitely a Fun Lover. What's in your paint future? Find out!

Mostly Ds mean you're a Peace Maker and we know the paint styles to suit your personality